Compendium of the Gospel

Another picture, this time in honor of now-Blessed JP2:

Compendium Evangelii (2012)

"The Rosary, though clearly Marian in character, is at heart a Christocentric prayer. In the sobriety of its elements, it has all the depth of the Gospel message in its entirety, of which it can be said to be a compendium...With the Rosary, the Christian people sits at the school of Mary and is led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of his love." -- Blessed John Paul II, Rosarium Virginis Mariae, para. 1
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Learning What I Thought I Knew

Confused about fish? I was until half an hour ago. And here all this time I assumed that I had a firm grasp of the Church’s abstinence requirements! My understanding has been that, in the United States, you must do penance on Friday, and "no meat" is the default if you haven’t chosen something else.

But after reading comments in the previous post about Lenten recipes, I wasn’t so sure anymore and thought I’d better do some fact checking. I was a bit surprised

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What are some meatless meals you eat during lent?

We do fish on occassion, tuna casserole, grilled cheese, veggie soup.... however we no longer eat out so we need to find some more things to fix at home.
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I am a poor one to speak, as i havent posted anywhere in so long ive almost forgotten how, but its sad to me to see this community so quiet. In my own defense my disability means that often i can read, but cannot post or comment. Even now my joints are seizing, but i truly miss the comraderie and feeling of family that this community used to possess. Now we get applicants in here every day, usually several a day, if each one of you would make a post, and answer one, this would be a thriving community! I will start with a (re) introduction.

Hi, my name is Marie, and i am a Catholic. ...

no wait, wrong type of community..

heh. Ok seriously. Im Marie and i am one of your friendly neighborhood moderators. I know there are others that are actually active because everytime i check my email to admit someone, they are already in ::grin:: so someone is on the ball a lot better than I.

This community distinguishes itself from other catholic communities in Livejournal because it has a distinctly orthodox slant. We stand up for the teachings of the Church and the magistarium in every instance and allow no false teachings to be spread here, this allows for more honest discussion and helps keep us all on the path to sainthood.. a path that never ends till death, and even then may have a ways to go (purgatory). We know that we will all stumble and fall many times on that path since none of us is perfect, well none of us currently on the internet anyway ;).

This is a place for us all to learn and grow, you can post articles, questions, and answers. We can have friendly debates on things that are currently UP for debate, but things that are clearly answered by our Church, we will simply attempt to provide and explain if necessary, those answers.

So pull up a chair, settle in, and lets have a meet and greet! God bless us all!
With Love,
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NFP article

Hey yall - Mods, feel free to delete if this isn't okay!

I'm a freelance writer who is working on an article about natural family planning (NFP), and am looking for folks willing to be interviewed about their experiences with it - likes, dislikes, reactions from friends & family & partners, that sort of thing. All names will be kept confidential, and it would only be a matter of answering a few questions through e-mail. If you're interested, feel free to send an email to openthoseojos@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for your help (and the help the comm has given me on prior occasions!)

Christy (agapeflower117)
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Prayers please.... my husband is suppose to find out about a job tomorrow. He had two interviews with them and they went well but we really need this job.

Also my coworkers father is having open heart surgery tomorrow, and we are very worried and yet hopeful for a full and fast recovery.

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Images of Mary

What is your favorite image of Mary?

Our theme next year is Mary, Seat of Wisdom and each grade is picking an image of Mary to focus on. Mary, our mother...Our Lady of the Holy Family...Our Lady of the Rosary...Our Lady of the Presentation... and Our Lady of Fatima have already been chosen, so they aren't options.

I have been searching around trying to find my favorite, and I thought you guys might have some favorites. I love Our Lady of the Southern Cross, but am still looking.
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I have some friends who have had trouble getting pregnant. They would make excellent parents and have been trying a couple years on their own, and suffered one miscarriage. After undergoing some testing they found out the guys sperm isn't great and that there is only about a 1-2% chance of them getting pregnant on their own and the pregnancy lasting. The doctors think they are excellent candidates for IUI, where the sperm would be inserted directly into her cervix, from there things would either happen on their own or they wouldn't.

However, they are unsure if this goes against the church? They are going to try to go in and meet with a Priest, but since they recently moved it might be a little while. So anyone know about this or have thoughts or opinions?