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Favorite Catholic Newspapers and Magazines [Jan. 29th, 2011|08:38 pm]
LJ Catholics


For the moment, I'm only subscribed to New Oxford Review. It has excellent articles on a variety of subjects. Of interest in the last few years was its series of articles and columns in spiritual warfare including a series by a trained exorcist.

I recommend it highly.

[User Picture]From: danightman
2011-04-18 01:53 am (UTC)

Catholic Magazines and Newspapers

Of all of the ones I subscribed to, I liked The Wanderer the best, because it not only had good journalism on Catholic and life-related issues, but their columnists are first rate. I especially liked their "from the Mail" column, which connected present issues with the experiences of their long and storied past.

George Kendall's memoir "Witness for the Truth: The Wanderer's 130 Adventure in Catholic Journalism" is a book I highly recommend. It's an invaluable document for anyone that wants to know what's happened to the True Faith in the US over the last forty years, from artificial contraception to the Novus Ordo. You see these issues from as they covered them over the years.
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